She was a Top Domina but felt like she was missing something

Mistress Kennedy was the most sought-after Dominatrix in Denver. She was known for her strict demeanor, her skillful techniques, and her ability to make even the most resistant men submit to her will. But despite her reputation, Kennedy had never truly been in love. She had always seen love as a weakness, something that could compromise her power and control.

That is, until she met David.

David was a handsome, successful businessman who had everything he wanted in life, except for one thing: he had always secretly desired to be dominated by a woman. When he stumbled upon Mistress Kennedy’s dungeon, he knew he had found the one who could fulfill his fantasy.

From the moment they met, there was a strong chemistry between them. Kennedy could sense David’s desire to submit to her, and she was more than willing to oblige. She pushed him further and further, testing his limits and pushing him to new heights of pleasure and pain. And David loved every minute of it.

As their sessions became more frequent, Kennedy found herself becoming more and more attached to David. She saw a vulnerability in him that she had never seen in any of her other clients. And as much as she tried to fight it, she couldn’t deny the growing feelings she had for him.

Feminine Power always wins

One day, as they were in the middle of a session, Kennedy felt a surge of power and magic flow through her. In a moment of impulsiveness, she used her newfound powers to transform David into a Beautiful, Busty woman. Kennedy realized she had just taken Coerced Feminization to a new level and that made her wet.  David was shocked at first, but as he looked down at his new body, he felt a sense of freedom and excitement he had never experienced before.

Kennedy explained to David that she had always been a witch, but she had never used her powers on her clients before. She had been waiting for the right one, and David was that person. She told him that she had fallen in love with him, and she wanted to explore their relationship in a new way.

David was hesitant at first, but as he spent more time as a woman and with Kennedy, he couldn’t deny the intense connection he felt with her. They continued their sessions, but now it was as two lovers exploring their deepest desires together.

Danielle Becomes a Full time slave

As time went on, David fully embraced his new identity as a woman. He changed his name to Danielle and became Mistress Kennedy’s full-time submissive. They traveled the world together, attending BDSM events and exploring different kinks and fetishes. They were the perfect Dominant and submissive couple, but more importantly, they were deeply in love.

Their love story was unconventional, to say the least, but it was a love that transcended societal norms and expectations. Mistress Kennedy and Danielle’s love proved that love knows no bounds and can even transform someone into a whole new person.

Imagine How you would feel under my spell, I enjoy coerced Feminization and can think of many ways to keep use both entertained for hours. Let’s fall in love !