Body Worship and The Female form

Oh the curve of a woman’s body

That drives men wild with desire

Body worship800-356-6196

Body worship
800-356-6196That drives men wild with desire

Each sway of her hips, a melody
That ignites the deepest fire

Her skin, a canvas of silk
Her touch, a spell that binds
Gentle to rough, she can milk
Every pleasure a man can find

Her breasts, like ripe fruits of lust
Nipples, inviting and divine
Her waist, a temptation to trust
In her arms, a man will gladly dine

Her thighs, a journey to ecstasy
Her lips, a gateway to bliss
Every inch, a masterpiece
That no man can ever resist

For her body is a work of art
A masterpiece crafted by the divine
Men will beg, offer their heart
For a chance to admire every line

Oh the power of a woman’s body
A weapon that can never be tamed
And to those who are lucky
It leaves them forever changed