Mistress Kennedy always gets what she wants!


Mistress Kennedy was a woman of power and dominance. Small in stature yet She was strong-willed and determined, and she knew exactly what she wanted in life. And what she wanted, above all else, was a sissy husband.

Her husband, Ray , had always been a bit of a pushover. He was timid and submissive, and he never seemed to stand up for himself. Mistress Kennedy saw this as an opportunity to mold him into the perfect sissy wife.

Poor Ray tried to resist.


At first, Ray was resistant to the idea. He had always identified as a man, and he didn’t see the appeal of being feminized. But Mistress Kennedy was persuasive, and she slowly began to wear him down.

She started by having him wear more feminine clothing. At first, it was just a pair of panties under his pants, but soon he was wearing skirts and dresses in public. People would stare and whisper, but Ray was too afraid of Mistress Kennedy and far too wimpy to object.

Next, she had him grow out his hair and start wearing makeup. He looked more and more like a woman every day, and he felt more and more embarrassed and humiliated. But Mistress Kennedy was pleased, and that was all that mattered to Ray.

As time went on, Mistress Kennedy became more and more demanding. She had Ray get hormone injections to grow breasts and have a more feminine figure. She made him get rid of all his masculine possessions and forced him to adopt a more feminine persona and she took away his male name and Dubbed him Sue.

The Making Of Sue.


Eventually, Sue was completely feminized. She had long hair, wore makeup, and had a curvy, feminine body. She was becoming the perfect sissy wife, and Mistress Kennedy was proud of her creation.

But Sue was miserable. He had lost all sense of his own identity and was now simply an extension of Mistress Kennedy’s will. He had no freedom, no autonomy, and no sense of self. Sue was told to spend hours every day using toys to train her little sissy pussy and the fact that she loved it was very confusing and embarrassing.

In the end, Sue was terrified that he had made a terrible mistake. He had allowed himself to be stripped of his masculinity and feminized until he was nothing more than a sissy wife. And he knew that he would never be able to get it back.

Mistress Kennedy had won, and Sue was her forever sissy wife. He would spend the rest of his days serving her, fulfilling her every desire, and living as the perfect sissy wife. Most Real men would feelĀ  It was a fate worse than death, but it was one that Sue had brought upon himself.

In the end, Sue’s story serves as a cautionary tale. It reminds us all of the dangers of losing ourselves in the pursuit of someone else’s desires. And it serves as a reminder that we must always be true to ourselves, and that there is no escaping our destiny.

Whips and Kisses

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